cargo transportation in a tent semitrailerWe offer our customers cargo transportation on international routes not only within the European Union but also in the territory of Russia. Our main routes are Lithuania-Spain, Spain-Lithuania, Lithuania-France, France-Lithuania, Lithuania-Russia, Russia-Lithuania. We carry out cargo transportation on the domestic routes in Europe, Germany-France-Spain and others. JSC “Stolvika” transport fleet consists of 120 trucks. All trucks and trailers meet the highest requirements – clean and there is also full complectation. In case of urgency, we select a vehicle with two drivers, it prevents mandatory stops without affecting driver’s rest and operating conditions. In this way your cargo will be delivered in a safe and quick way.

transportation of cargo in refrigerated semi-trailersWe are constantly concerned about the maintenance and upgrading of the existing inventory and also we care about raising qualifications of the human resources. It provides guarantees that our transport and transport services will meet the expectations of our customers. We are flexible and responsible, therefore we adjust the delivery of cargo according to the needs of the customers. Contact us if you want to consult, find out the shipping cost and / or delivery terms.

Based on our traditions and extensive experience in this field, we guarantee professionalism, responsibility and reliability in all orders.